I consider myself a formalist. By that I mean, I'm interested in the formal properties of making art; line, shape, color texture.  By working with these design tools, I believe I can create work that is beautiful and meaningful. 



The venerable lotus not only provides deeply meaningful content to this series but also allows me to continue my exploration of formal design. 

Sacred Love

The union of two souls, the intersection of two circles, the perfect composition. It's all here. You will see some strong ties to the Wonderland Series here.

Montana1 (1).jpg


Created while I was on a painting retreat in Montana these pieces on paper are inspired by the Montana mountains.


My newest series "Wonderland" is all about being a kid; summer carnivals, swimming, riding your bike, going to the circus and all the fun stuff associated with just being a kid.


A series that I continue to work in, based on the music of Chris Botti, haunting, ethereal and earthy.